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Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions that relate to the particular service Border Studios will be providing for you.

Family Portrait Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Class Portrait Terms and Conditions

Family Portrait Fundraisers

1.       There is a limit of ONE special offer portrait ($15 portrait) per family. Additional special offer canvases may be offered at the discretion of Border Studios staff.

2.       Each child or adult may appear in only ONE special offer portrait.

3.    Families may not receive more than ONE special offer ($15 print) within a 3 month period.

4.      Packages are to be selected on the day of photography and will be available for collection from the host organisation within THREE weeks, unless otherwise notified by Border Studios staff.

5.       Payment must be made in full on or before receipt of portrait packages. Payment may be made by

a.       Cash

b.      Cheque

c.       Direct deposit

d.      PayPal

If payment is to be made by direct deposit OR PayPal, payment must be made prior to collection of portraits and evidence of payment (eg. receipt number, deposit receipt) must be shown.

6.       Package orders include a photo CD of your image/s. Only images purchased will be included on the CD. Images will be in JPEG format and in colour. Print quality is guaranteed up to at least 8”x10”.

7.      Full payment of  $15 for your special offer portrait must accompany bookings. Without payment your appointment time cannot be guaranteed.

8.     If you choose to cancel your portrait session within 48 hours of the scheduled time, a refund may not be offered. In some circumstances a refund may be given, at the discretion of Border Studios staff or their authorised representative. 

9.    Host organisations can choose to run their Family Portrait booking as a fundraiser or not. If the host organisation chooses not to run their portrait day as a fundraiser then a discount on package prices may be offered to participating families. This discount may be a fixed or percentage amount agreed upon in advance by Border Studios and the host organisation.

10.       Host organisations are responsible for collecting payment for Special Offer portraits, unless the Online Booking System is used, in which case Border Studios will assume this responsibility. If Border Studios is collecting these payments, they will be forwarded to the host organisation on the portrait collection date, within 3 weeks of the photography date, unless another agreement is reached prior to the photography date.

11.   Host organisations can choose to receive any funds raised, including bonuses, in any of the following methods:

a.    Cheque

b.    Direct deposit

c.   Pre-Paid debit card

d.  Gift Cards 

All fundraising monies and bonuses will be paid to the host organisation by the agreed method within THREE weeks of the photography day unless otherwise arranged.

12. The bonus payment of $375 is applicable for 25 families participating in a single day fundraiser. Participating families can not be added from additional portrait days to receive the bonus (eg. 10 families on Saturday + 20 families on Sunday will NOT qualify for the 25 family bonus).

13. Bonus amounts for 50+ families MAY be added from multiple shooting days (ie: 40 families on Saturday + 30 families on Sunday WILL qualify for the 50+ family bonuses)

14. Payments for "no shows"or appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will NOT be forwarded to the host organisation as part of their fundraising. These payments may be either kept by Border Studios or refunded to the customer at the discretion of Border Studios as outlined in part 8.

15. Minimum numbers of bookings must be met to go ahead with a family portrait fundraiser. Minimum numbers may vary, depending on the distance required for photography staff to travel, as well as the date and time of the portrait day. Generally we require a MINIMUM of 10 pre-paid families over a 3 hour period for weekend locations within 1 hour drive of Pimpama, QLD. For locations which will require overnight stay or air travel, a minimum of 20 pre-paid families is required. Border Studios reserves the right to cancel a shoot due to insufficient numbers at any time, even if the minimum numbers shown above have been met. In the event that a portrait shoot is cancelled by Border Studios, all families will receive a refund for their $25 or $15 paid with their booking (if using the online booking system).

Class Photography

1.       Class portrait orders received by the due date will be available for collection from the host centre within three weeks of completed photography.

2.       Class portrait packages consist of the following combinations:

a.       1- 5”x7”, 2- 4”x6” & 4 Wallet size individual images,

b.      1- 8”x10” class portrait,

c.       1- 8”x10” class portrait and 1- 5”x7”, 2- 4”x6” & 4 Wallet size individual images and one individual image on CD.

3.       Class portrait sizes may be altered at any time without notice depending on availability of print sizes.

4.       CD images will be saved as JPEG files in colour. The images will be guaranteed for professional print quality up to 8”x10”.

5.       Orders received after the final day of photography may attract an administration fee.

6.       Group style class portraits may be exchanged for composite style portraits where required. This decision will be made by the host centre.

7.       Class portraits will be submitted to the host centre for proofing prior to printing.

8.      Border Studios staff will make a reasonable effort to ensure a satisfactory image is captured of each child. If we are unable to capture a satisfactory (as deemed by our staff) image of a particular child we will refund in full or part any orders placed for that particular child, as requested by their parent or guardian.

9.       In the event that printed and/or digital images are not of a satisfactory technical quality a replacement will be offered. If a replacement is not available then a full or part refund will be offered.


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